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Replace all tnsnames.ora files with a single master file using TNS_ADMIN

Maintaining large numbers of client tnsnames.ora files is a pain.  Oracle Internet Directory is the recommended solution to this, but it is not an easy exercise to set up or migrate to. An easier alternative is to set TNS_ADMIN in all

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Remote Desktop Connection Manager

Remote Desktop Connection Manager, a free download from, lets you switch quickly between windows servers, saves the servers and your login details in a list.

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Windows 2008 Disappearing Printers Trick

Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7 both hide printers that use the same port as another printer. But the printers aren’t really gone, they just take a little more effort to see – details at Your friends will be

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Windows Server 2008 R2 Firewall for SQL Server and FTP

Windows Server 2008 R2 has a strict firewall by default. It will not let you run FTP (client) from the server and get files from other servers/sites It will also not let you run “SQL Server Management Studio” from your

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Windows 2008 remote database connections

Windows Server 2008 by default has a firewall that does not allow remote database connections. Fix is at

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Install latest version of Oracle ODBC

To install latest version of Oracle ODBC: Go to to download: Instant Client Package – Basic Instant Client Package – ODBC Unzip both of them into the same folder (e.g. c:\oracle). Add that folder name into the PATH environment

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Oracle Installer on Windows crashes without adequate TEMP space

Oracle installer on Windows can fail to run, crashing out without a useful error message. I found fix was to change the temp directories in a command window set temp=d:\junk set tmp=d:\junk and then run the installer (setup.exe) from that

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Fix for windows ftp filling up c: drive space

Windows ftp can fill up C: drive. This happens either putting or getting files, even if you try putting/getting them to a drive other than C:. This happens because the ftp file is written to temporary area first by ftp,

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Which PC Memory Module type (SDRAM, DDR, or DDR2) do I need?

Adding more memory to PCs is a cheap and easy upgrade method. But there are different types of PC memory modules available – SDRAM, DDR, DDR2 – and computers are limited to being compatible with one type only. So you

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