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Replace all tnsnames.ora files with a single master file using TNS_ADMIN

Maintaining large numbers of client tnsnames.ora files is a pain.  Oracle Internet Directory is the recommended solution to this, but it is not an easy exercise to set up or migrate to. An easier alternative is to set TNS_ADMIN in all

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Intermittent ORA-12545 with oracle RAC database

Problem: Client suffers intermittent ORA-12545 “Connect failed because target host or object does not exist” trying to connect to oracle RAC database. Solution: Edit server side (not client side) listener.ora and tnsnames.ora files to have fully qualified hostnames. Thanks to

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Database Resident Connection Pooling

(Update: Firewalls can prevent DRCP functioning correctly – details at end of this post) Database Resident Connection Pooling is new with 11g, and should be used for PHP applications. It will allow them to use the same type of connection pooling

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Listener passwords: always for 9i, never for 10g

My rule of thumb: For 9i and below: always set a listener password (= change from default) For 10g and above: never set a listener password (= leave at default) And here’s why: 9i and below Without a listener password

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9i unix startup / shutdown with listener password

Thanks to Laurent Schneider for tips on how to handle listener passwords in scripts. [Update 12-Jan-2007 – ammended script following Laurent’s comment, and update 09-Feb-2007 – ammended script following Kevin’s comment] A system startup/shutdown shell script I just used that

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