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sed change entire line

Here I use sed to replace the entire 2nd line in a lot of files with a new 2nd line. The shell script: for fle in `ls *.msg` do # copy file first so as can keep permissions and ownership

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Remove dba_2pc_pending records

Old entries in dba_2pc_pending can be removed by ‘rollback force’ or if that fails, with a purge: set pages 9999 spool go.tmp select ‘rollback force ”’||local_tran_id||”’ ;’ from dba_2pc_pending ; select ‘exec dbms_transaction.purge_lost_db_entry(”’||local_tran_id||”’ )’ , ‘commit;’ from dba_2pc_pending ; spool

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Find delete old files

# Delete files older than 15 minutes find /ORA_DISK/redoarch/ -name ‘arch_*.dbf’ -mmin +15 -delete #Delete files older than 2 days 50 8 * * * find /ORA_DISK/redoarch/ -name ‘arch_*.dbf’ -mtime +2 -delete Old versions of unix find do not have

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HTML formatted emails with utl_smtp

HTML format emails allows images, fonts, colours, hyperlinks. It can be done with utl_smtp (after the jump) and with utl_mail

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Select out all code refererencing some tables

This allows you to get code listings for all code (procedures, views, materialized views, etc.) that reference particular tables: set long 200000 pages 0 verify off lines 131 feed off column txt format a121 word_wrapped column spoolfile new_value spoolfile noprint

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Make indexes unusable before big insert

Make indexes unusable before doing a big insert, then rebuild them at the end, is faster than insert with indexes in place and no risk of forgetting to recreate a dropped index: create table af ( mycol varchar2(100) ) ;

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Move objects including lobs, xml to new tablespace with dynamic SQL

Here objects are moved from tablespace users to tablespace users1: set pages 9999 lines 132 spool m2.sql select ‘alter table ‘||owner||’.’||table_name||’ move lob(‘||column_name||’) store as ( tablespace users1);’ from dba_lobs where tablespace_name = ‘USERS’ order by 1 / select ‘alter

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PL/SQL to count from all tables in a schema

Replace SYSTEM with the name of the schema you are interested in: set serverout on size 999999 declare cnt number ; begin for c1 in (select owner, table_name from all_tables where owner = ‘SYSTEM’) loop execute immediate ‘select count(1) from

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shell script to clean old oracle trace and log files

This code cleans up old trace files, log files, core dumps, etc. It is designed to be run from cron. It takes a somewhat brutal approach by deleting files after just 7 days – good for e.g. dev/test servers, but

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schema moves by the magic of partition exchange

Here’s an example of how to use partition exchange to move partitions or even entire unpartitioned tables from one schema to another. Is mean to be very fast and generate very little redo. Even more so if the partitions and

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