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srvctl start listener -n nodename

Preferred method to stop and start oracle listener in RAC enivronment: srvctl config listener -n nodename srvctl stop listener -n nodename srvctl start listener -n nodename

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Patch upgrade Oracle RAC to on linux

I used the steps below to apply patchset to an existing 2-node RAC cluster on linux RHEL 5.8 64 bit. Note that GRID_HOME and DB_HOME locations will both be changed as part of this patchset. 0) Download and

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Intermittent ORA-12545 with oracle RAC database

Problem: Client suffers intermittent ORA-12545 “Connect failed because target host or object does not exist” trying to connect to oracle RAC database. Solution: Edit server side (not client side) listener.ora and tnsnames.ora files to have fully qualified hostnames. Thanks to

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Database Resident Connection Pooling

(Update: Firewalls can prevent DRCP functioning correctly Рdetails at end of this post) Database Resident Connection Pooling is new with 11g, and should be used for PHP applications. It will allow them to use the same type of connection pooling

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RAC OCFS on 11gR2 Also very good is /etc/init.d/o2cb enable (on both nodes) mkfs.ocfs2 -L “RAC8LUN” /dev/mapper/RAC8LUN1p1 mkfs.ocfs2 -L “RAC8Q” /dev/mapper/RAC8Qp1 vi /etc/fstab mkdir /CRS_DATA mkdir /ORA_DATA mount /dev/mapper/RAC8LUN1p1 mount /dev/mapper/RAC8Qp1        

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Recover RAC database

RAC has to be switched to non-cluster temporarily for the recovery. startup nomount alter system set cluster_database=false scope=spfile sid=’*’ ; shutdown immediate startup mount recover database alter database open ; alter system set cluster_database=true scope=spfile sid=’*’ ; shutdown immediate srvctl

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RAC alter database archivelog

Switch a RAC database into archivelog mode: srvctl stop database -d dbname startup mount –only one instance alter database archivelog alter database open srvctl start database -d dbname –this will start the remaining instances on the cluster And switch it

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Using 10g datapump and scheduler to copy schemas

Update 13-Feb-07: Setting the datapump table_exists_action to replace does not overwrite views, sequences, plsql objects. They have to be dropped separately before datapump is called, see gotchas and code below. Update 02-Mar-07: dba_ views rather than all_ views have to

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