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Analytics row_number to identify first parent row in oracle pl/sql cursor loop

Let’s say you have 10m parent rows and 11m child rows and need to process them row-at-a-time in pl/sql. Two methods of doing that are below. The second method will fire the combined select just the once, picking up all

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HTML formatted emails with utl_smtp

HTML format emails allows images, fonts, colours, hyperlinks. It can be done with utl_smtp (after the jump) and with utl_mail

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O’Reilly’s Steve Feuerstein Oracle PL/SQL Programming

O’Reilly’s Steve Feuerstein Oracle PL/SQL Programming, 2nd Edition online at

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PLS-00999: implementation restriction (may be temporary) RESULT_CACHE is disallowed on subprograms with OUT or IN OUT parameters

Result cache functions are a good new feature in Oracle 11g, but they only work with normal functions. A function that returns multiple outputs using OUT parameters cannot be made a result cache function, at least not in 11gR1. Attempting

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Introduction to PL/SQL By Example

Here are online course notes, with code examples, for a simple introduction to Oracle’s PL/SQL language. Was originally aimed especially at Infrastructure DBAs, but would be of use to anyone learning PL/SQL.

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