Month: October 2015

Oracle top session info in RAC with tracefile name

See real time top session info in either RAC or standalone database, including tracefile name qualified by instance name, with: — ALTER SESSION SET nls_date_format = ‘Dy DD-Mon-YYYY HH24:MI:SS’ ; SELECT DISTINCT s.inst_id , s.sid , s.serial# , s.username ,

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10046 trace a module using logon trigger

1) Update – thanks to Joaquin Gonzalez for pointing out a preferable safer method than logon trigger for 10046 tracing a particular module: EXEC DBMS_MONITOR.serv_mod_act_stat_enable ( service_name => ‘myservice’ , module_name => ‘myModule.exe’ , binds => TRUE ) You can

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mtputty directory path title

MtPuTTY multi tabbed putty is an improved variant of putty ssh client, easier to use if working on several servers at the same time. However it has an annoying tendency to display long directory paths in each tab title. You

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Oracle date changed user changed columns and batch performance

Most core application tables benefit from columns like these: ALTER TABLE mytable ADD ( date_created DATE DEFAULT SYSDATE , user_created_by VARCHAR2(30) DEFAULT USER , date_changed DATE , user_changed_by VARCHAR2(30) ) ; The default values deal with inserts, for updates a

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