Month: November 2014

oracle update select merge

If you want to update one table based on the values in another table, use ‘UPDATE = (SELECT) WHERE (SELECT)’ or ‘MERGE WHERE’, as in examples (3) and (3a) below. Sample data: DROP TABLE a ; CREATE TABLE a (

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Run Windows interactive scheduled task even if user not logged in Problem arises when a windows scheduled task needs to fire up a GUI – if there is no session logged in then it fails to run because has nowhere to display the GUI. Caveat: I haven’t tried this solution

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Data from MySQL to Oracle with dg4odbc database link or mysqldump

To transfer data from MySQL into Oracle 1) Best method is to use a database link. That way the MySQL table is available in the Oracle database for use in queries, joins, DML, PL/SQL. Simple guides on how to do

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