Month: October 2013

SQL Server recently changed objects

List recently changed procedures and views in a database: SELECT name , create_date , modify_date FROM sys.objects WHERE ( create_date >= DATEADD ( DAY , -7 , GETDATE() ) OR modify_date >= DATEADD ( DAY , -7 , GETDATE() )

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Public Database Links security fix using views

Public database links are a well known security problem – all database users with the most minimal privileges (create session) are able to use the public database link, even including deleting data across the link. Use this to see any

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PL/SQL to find and lock or drop user accounts

Script to hunt and lock/drop user accounts, can call from a central script connecting to multiple databases: BEGIN FOR d1 IN ( SELECT username FROM dba_users WHERE username LIKE ‘AGXDL%’ AND account_status != ‘LOCKED’ ORDER BY 1 ) LOOP dbms_output.put_line

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