Month: July 2013

Calculate optimal PGA size

Simple script to calculate optimal pga_aggregate_target size (in gb): col avg_tpi form 999.99 col max_tpi form 999.99 select instance_number, avg(value)/1024/1024/1024 avg_tpi , max(value)/1024/1024/1024 max_tpi from dba_hist_pgastat where name = ‘total PGA inuse’ group by instance_number ; dba_hist_pgastat has 1 weeks

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Yum update nohup Insufficient space in download directory

Yum update is used to patch red hat/oracle enterprise linux. Can take a while, so best run nohup: rm -f nohup.out nohup yum -y update & By default yum stores its temporary downloads into /var, if that is low in

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Unlock oracle accounts without alter user system privilege

I wanted to give non-DBA users (Servicedesk, Operations) the ability to unlock database user accounts. The ‘alter user’ system privilege allows that, but it also gives out a lot more privileges (change password, kill session, alter DBA accounts) than I

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