Month: June 2013

Oracle 12c new features

Oracle 12c was released yesterday (25-Jun-2013). I’m a little bit underwhelmed by a first look at the new features guide – if that’s all there is, Oracle is going to continue to struggle against Microsoft SQL Server. Main change with

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Drop and create database links at materialized view refresh time

Materialized views work ok even when their dependent database link is dropped from under them. This can be used as a security improvement if you don’t want database links lying around during the day outside the refresh window. Script used

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Oracle single quote marks for excel text datatype

Add a quote in front of a field (useful for excel to mark cell as text datatype) with any of: SELECT CHR(39) || address1 FROM customers ; SELECT q'[‘]’ || address1 FROM customers ; SELECT ”” || address1 FROM customers

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VMWare performance for Oracle at Oracle User Group Scotland Conference 2013

Main highlight Oracle User Group Scotland Conference 2013 was a presentation by Dean Richards of Confio Software on VMWare performance for Oracle. Confio’s servers were at 1-5% CPU, so underutilised, but databases use memory rather than CPU. They virtualised 50

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scp and sftp either with or without a password using authorized keys

It is better to use scp/sftp rather than ftp – because ftp transmits passwords in plain text and also requires extra firewall openings to work. 1) Simplest way – use sftp specfiying the password in the script, like this: lftp

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