Oracle Developer Suite 10g windows software download media

Oracle Developer Suite 10g for Windows (forms developer) is not easy to obtain now, out of support by Oracle for a long time, but that version is still in use out there. So I have zipped both installation CDs here.

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32 comments on “Oracle Developer Suite 10g windows software download media
  1. Dr A. ZIDAN says:


  2. Didi says:

    Hi Mister Andrew, thank you very much for this one, I’ve been looking for it for a while!
    Can you tell me where I can find the Oracle Developer Suite 11g? It’s the last version right?

  3. Ameen says:

    thanx man..

  4. r.p. says:

    Su aporte a sido todo un éxito!
    Muchas gracias.

  5. Johnn says:

    Man this is really awesome i tried download it for weeks but nothing until I found you thanks 😉

  6. S says:

    Me podrías decir, que version o qeu parches debo usar para que los Forms no se caigan a la hora de compilarlos. Tengo developer Suite con el parche, mi maquina es Windows 7.32 bits.

    O bien indicarme si existe otra version para correr oracle developer suite en Windows seven sin problemas de que el programa se caiga….. Gracias!..

  7. Andrew says:

    Thanks Man ! You Had save my Days !

  8. Shaikh Mujahid says:

    Thanks For Providing Oracle Developer Suite 10g ..

  9. Shaikh Mujahid says:

    Zip Error unbale to unzip

  10. Homero Obando says:

    Gracias por el software, ya que Oracle no los tiene disponible para descarga.

  11. Viksjp says:

    Thanks for uploading the unsupported version. this has saved day.

  12. GALB says:

    Perfecto. Gracias.
    Perfect. Thanks!!!

  13. sunil says:

    in side it contains virus man…….be care fullllllllllllllllllll

  14. Anjan Bhattacharya says:

    Thank you very much for uploading this software… 🙂

  15. Muhammad Asif says:

    Thanks to you!

  16. balram says:

    thanks sir

  17. bullet says:

    Thnx for uploading this software, but when i had tried to logon on sql plus it was asking for username ,password and host string, once more can u please help me …

  18. Mohamed Noordheen says:

    Thank you.

  19. Bearer of Pain says:

    Thank you very much man, I needed this for s scholar project about CASE Engineering. Let me try it and I’ll tell you if this software works with Windows 8 and lets me do the analysis for my CASE project. Thanks for the download 🙂

  20. balram says:

    thanks please put the notes of devloper 10 g also

  21. hadi says:

    thanks u very much

  22. gra says:

    Thanks a lot!

  23. Anjali says:

    thank you sir , I have been searching for this but couldnt get it

  24. Kostas says:

    Thanks a lot!!!

  25. Alexandre says:

    Thank you so much. This is really hard to find, it’s like I’m catching the last pokemon.

  26. Lee says:

    Many thanks Andrew. I had been hunting for this for a week, high and low, as you simply cannot seem to get it from Oracle’s website (and they dominate the first 3 pages or so of a google search). Many thanks, a great help.

  27. psaraj12 says:

    Thank you so much

  28. Mohamed says:

    Thanks Mr Andrew

  29. kare says:

    thank you very much for this one

  30. Hamid says:

    Thank you indeed. Do you know it works under windows 8 64 bits ?
    How about Oracle 11g R2 ?

    Best regards

  31. buba yami says:

    thanks alot

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