Month: July 2011

Oracle Developer Suite 10g windows software download media

Oracle Developer Suite 10g for Windows (forms developer) is not easy to obtain now, out of support by Oracle for a long time, but that version is still in use out there. So I have zipped both installation CDs

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Cron fix for ulimit: max user processes: cannot modify limit:operation not permitted

Werner Puschitz has details of how to use ulimit and limits.conf to change maximum processes and open file descriptors. But for processes running from cron, I found I had to additionally make the below changes (this is on old version:

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Split space delimited string with regexp SQL

Split up a delimited string with: SELECT REGEXP_SUBSTR ( ‘Hello world !’ , ‘[^ ]+’ , 1 , 1 ) , REGEXP_SUBSTR ( ‘Hello world !’ , ‘[^ ]+’ , 1 , 2 ) , REGEXP_SUBSTR ( ‘Hello world !’

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