Month: March 2011

Change WordPress colours for link visited hover

Go to your wordpress dashboard, click on ‘Appearance’ > ‘Editor’. This will open up a Stylesheet (style.css) editor. Here you can change the colours for ‘link’, ‘visited’, and ‘hover’, like this: a:link { color: #hexcodelinkcolor; } a:visited { color: #hexcodeyouwantvisitedlinktobe;

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Oracle Forms popup dialog alert box

Howto create a popup dialog box in Oracle Forms – called ‘alerts’ although can be used for all kinds of purposes, not just alerting. First create a new alert. Alerts are listed in the forms developer object navigator, immediately underneath

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ORA-38029 Object Statistics Are Locked – due to import with rows=n

A strange one – but it is a documented feature in oracle. If you import specifying option ‘rows=n’, then statistics for all imported tables will be locked after the import operation is finished. That is only for import – an

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Windows 2008 Disappearing Printers Trick

Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7 both hide printers that use the same port as another printer. But the printers aren’t really gone, they just take a little more effort to see – details at Your friends will be

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