Month: November 2010

Easy connect database links

Saves modifying tnsnames.ora: create database link mylink connect to myuser identified by mypassword using ‘//myserver/mydatabase’ ; Note that passwords are case sensitive from 11g. This means 10g->11g links need uppercase passwords.

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RAC OCFS on 11gR2 Also very good is /etc/init.d/o2cb enable (on both nodes) mkfs.ocfs2 -L “RAC8LUN” /dev/mapper/RAC8LUN1p1 mkfs.ocfs2 -L “RAC8Q” /dev/mapper/RAC8Qp1 vi /etc/fstab mkdir /CRS_DATA mkdir /ORA_DATA mount /dev/mapper/RAC8LUN1p1 mount /dev/mapper/RAC8Qp1        

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Server age with dmidecode|grep Date

BIOS build date should correspond to approximate manufacture date for a server, is given with (as root): dmidecode | egrep -i ‘date|product’

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