Tivoli Storage Manager simple restore

Sample restore from command line Tivoli Storage Manager. Run as root.

ps -ef | grep dsm  #here look to see if 'optfile' is set
cd /mydir
dsmc -optfile=/opt/tivoli/tsm/client/ba/bin/dsm-ora.opt
tsm> restore /mydir/*.dbf -inactive -pick
tsm> 1   #here choose which file number you want
tsm> 2   #choose another file if needed
tsm> o   #o='ok'
tsm> quit

You should specify an ‘optfile’ at line 3 only if you saw it in the output of line 1.

Other useful options:

List backup files:

tsm>q backup "/opt/fc-lun1/*" -inactive -subdir=yes

Restore (note how second mention directory name is shorter):

tsm> restore "/opt/fc-lun1/MYDB/mydb/*" /ORA_DISK/MYDB/infprod/ -subdir=yes –pick

Select all files:

tsm> +   # to select all files
October 28, 2010

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