Comments in spfile alter system

Comments are used much less often in spfile than they were in old init.ora’s. Syntax for them is like:

SQL> alter system set pga_aggregate_target=1g comment='Andrew Fraser 13-May-2010 was 390m'  scope=spfile sid='*' ;
May 13, 2010

  • Andrew,

    Did you check if it is actually updating the update_comment column of v$parameter table. I tried it but it did not update the update_comment column of v$parameter v$system_parameter tables. Tried to convert spfile to pfile to see if it updates the init file no luck.

    The only way that I can see the comment was on alert log.

    Do you have the same behaviour ( is the DB I tried it on)

  • Hi Coskan,

    Yes I do have the same behaviour – for some parameters. Parameter sga_target does not show the comment, while parameter pga_aggregate_target does show the comment.

    That is with version I haven’t checked to see if that is fixed in later versions.

    SQL>select name, value, update_comment from v$parameter where name in ('pga_aggregate_target','sga_target');


    Andrew Fraser 13-May-2010 was 390m

  • If you updated the spfile (with scope=spfile), you should be able to see the comment in v$spparameter.

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