Installing dbms_profiler

I used the following to install dbms_profiler, using a central set of system owned tables rather than each user having its own tables:

conn / as sysdba
conn system/password
alter user system default tablespace users ; 
-- [or any other reasonable tablespace]
GRANT all ON plsql_profiler_runnumber TO PUBLIC;
GRANT all ON plsql_profiler_data TO PUBLIC;
GRANT all ON plsql_profiler_units TO PUBLIC;
GRANT all ON plsql_profiler_runs TO PUBLIC;
CREATE PUBLIC SYNONYM plsql_profiler_runs FOR plsql_profiler_runs;
CREATE PUBLIC SYNONYM plsql_profiler_units FOR plsql_profiler_units;
CREATE PUBLIC SYNONYM plsql_profiler_data FOR plsql_profiler_data;
CREATE PUBLIC SYNONYM plsql_profiler_runnumber FOR plsql_profiler_runnumber;
alter user system default tablespace system  ;

Based on Tim Hall’s post.

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