Quick SQL Server Training for Oracle DBAs

Short SQL Server Training course uploaded in MS-Word format.. Also same in pdf format.

It’s a bit dated now – is for SQL Server version 7.0 – but still relevant. I’ll update for version 2005 and convert to html format when I get the chance.

I produced that for a 1.5 day training course to give Oracle DBAs the knowledge they needed to work on SQL Server. They are similar enough relational database management systems for a quick conversion course like this to be enough to make the switch. And they are both common enough that a good DBA ought to be comfortable with both.

May 2, 2007

  • Thats really good to see SQL Server DBA training stuff here .I would like to appreciate and would like have the same training details in WORD FORMAT for SQL SERVER DBA 2005.

    Kindly send me ASAP on my mail id thats fazil_orbit@yahoo.co.in


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