Month: May 2007

Listener passwords: always for 9i, never for 10g

My rule of thumb: For 9i and below: always set a listener password (= change from default) For 10g and above: never set a listener password (= leave at default) And here’s why: 9i and below Without a listener password

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plan_table changes

In versions 10g, plan_table exists as a public synonym of the global temporary table sys.plan_table$. That is all created automatically at database create time and when a database is upgraded to 10g (creation is in catplan.sql, which is called from

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Fix for TOAD error ORA-02404: specified plan table not found

TOAD can report error “ORA-02404: specified plan table not found” when trying to display execution plans: Two options to fix: Run script toadprep.sql. This creates the table toad_plan_table, among other things, and is meant to be run by a user

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Quick SQL Server Training for Oracle DBAs

Short SQL Server Training course uploaded in MS-Word format.. Also same in pdf format. It’s a bit dated now – is for SQL Server version 7.0 – but still relevant. I’ll update for version 2005 and convert to html format

Posted in SQL server patch fails if database word size had ever been changed in the past

Thanks to Chris Carr for pointing out this: If you are upgrading or patching to and the word size is different to the word size when the database was created the upgrade will fail with an ora-600. This applies

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